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Posted : admin On 1/30/2022
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Looking for VPN server software? Now, with VPN connections trending, VPN server software programs are witnessing huge popularity today and for all the good reasons. Now, when you are planning to install such a software in your PC, you must be looking forward to settle for the best only.



If you trying to find special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. Download the free official VPN application client software for macOS. Establish a secure VPN connection now with We added the 'Kill Switch' feature in our Mac VPN App that disconnects all your internet activities if the VPN connection drops. app for macOS gives you an absolutely free VPN for life.

You get a highly efficient open-source software here that takes to VPN techniques to create secured site-to-site or point-to-point connections in bridged or routed configurations as well as remote accession facilities. The software banks on OpenSSL library for ensuring encryption guard of both data & control channels. It can traverse NATs & firewalls.

Free Vpn For Mac SoftwareFree Vpn For Mac Software


IPVanish has to be in this list as the software claims to offer best possible VPN speed & most secured VPN connections & that too at competitive rates. The software network spans across over 40,000 IPS on over 500 servers in more than 60 countries- assuring anonymous surfing easily & unrestricted internet worldwide.


This powerful VPN server software offers seamless access to VPN servers in as many as 45 nations, including even some unusual locations. The users here will be able to pick from OpenVPN, L2TP & PPTP protocols but then the first two are usually recommended. You will be able to avail a 7-day cash back guarantee.


This popular VPN software offers easy access to internet sources like news, online radio, video & varied websites that are blocked. Besides, the software has promised strongest possible security given its high end cryptographic algorithms. It’s a relatively new option in the market and hence it embraces just 26 countries but is looking forward to include more in near future.


It claims to provide fastest possible VPN that enables users to check up on internet connection from any place across the globe, at tremendous speed. It even works for blocked websites. Then, you are guaranteed of a high end security given the strong encryption layer the software promises for the user’s internet traffic.

Securepoint Black Dwarf VPN

The VPN server software is a bliss for smaller companies with its diverse security & remote access facilities. You can be assured of all-inclusive robust business-grade security against unauthorized access & network attacks. Black Dwarf delivers remote accession with SSL, IPSec, L2TP & PPTP VPN. The software fully supports every UTM Securepoint firewalls.


You are getting a open-source free graphic UI here for OpenVPN that assures easy controlling of the OpenVPN client or/and server connections. This ready-to-use application comes with all the necessary binaries & drivers (and that includes easy-rsa, OpenVPN & tun/tap drivers). It supports Apple Keychain & stores the user’s username & password for future reference.

VPN Server Software for Various Platforms

There is a wide range of VPN server software applications for various platforms. The one you pick should match up with your system’s OS as otherwise it won’t work for you. Not all such software applications would work for all operating systems as there are some software applications that only work for Windows or Android or Mac.

Free Windows VPN Server Software – Shrew Soft

Free Vpn For Mac Software Downloads

If you are looking for a reliable free Windows VPN server software, is a great option. It’s one of the most popular among the Windows users, especially those with Windows 7. The software is designed to work with a broad scale of VPN network server protocols such as OpenSWAN, IPsec, freeSWAN & strongSWAN.

Free Android VPN Server Software – Free VPN Proxy

If you are planning a credible free Android VPN server software, Free VPN Proxy Supernet would make a solid choice. It’s free version assures access to a good scale of servers & that too with seamless bandwidth facility. The great bit is that VPN Proxy comes with a very simple user interface and it’s just a snap to use it.

Free Mac VPN Server Software – SoftEther VPN

When it comes to a reliable free Mac VPN server software, SoftEther VPN is anyday a fine choice. It’s user-friendly and promises a very powerful multiple protocol VPN server software function that can be easily at par with the best such names in the market. The software also comes with strong original SSL-VPN protocol that can penetrate all sorts of firewalls.

Most Popular VPN Server Software for 2016 – VyprVPN

Free Vpn For Mac SoftwareFree Vpn For Mac Software

This is one of the highly powerful VPN server software programs that assure fastest speed & security for the broadband internet networks. The software is reputed for offering more than 50 server locations worldwide across five continents. You can be assured of easy connection availability with its 700+ servers & more than 200,000 global IPs.

If you want to know about most popular VPN server software for 2016, VyprVPN is the name for you. Backed by extensive range of servers worldwide, the software is quite a credible one and assures a highly secured option. It has its own servers and infrastructures which guarantees good safety for the users.

What is VPN Server Software?

Free Vpn For Macs

VPN acts as a safe bridge in between 2 devices- your computer & a remote website online. VPN server software enables this bridge easily, allowing you to join the private networks (from any place in the world) like as if you are actually at local PC on that particular network.

This way, you will have easy access to the shared folders & several handy stuff- in fact, you would be able to surf as an anonymous user. The best such software applications in the market cover over 40,000 IPS on over 700 servers in more than 60 countries. Many such software applications are available for free.

How to Install a VPN Server Software?

To install VPN server software, all you have to do is to take to the download link that comes with your selected software. But before downloading, don’t forget to check that it fits your system’s operating system. Then, as you download it, you will get the installation link & installation instructions

Benefits of VPN Server Software

One of the major benefits of VPN server software is that it allows you to easily access the websites or online contents that are blocked in your country. For example, in some oriental countries, Facebook is blocked but then people from nations can access the popular social networking site through the help of VPN server software.

Download Free Vpn Software For Mac

This is to note here that such software applications assures security of private network for an unsecured network, permitting accession to local private networks for the user from just anywhere. This way, you would even be able to access & monitor the computer network of your company while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Free Vpn Software For Mac

VPN server software is no rocket science and anybody can use it. At times, some websites are unnecessarily blocked, depriving people of many web wonders around and VPN server software would be your bestie here. Anybody can install and operate it with basic computing knowledge and there is no need of any advanced tech skill here.

Best Free Vpn Software For Mac Os X

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