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Posted : admin On 1/27/2022

Are you looking for MBOX to OLM Converter for Mac?

Mac Outlook OLM to MBOX Converter renders a unique feature of mapping folders accurately same as the initial one. For example, the product permits users to map an OLM file Inbox folder with Inbox folder of MBOX file. The resultant mailbox folders can easily.

Olm to mbox converter for mac

If you want to export OLM to MBOX files from Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Apple Mail, Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, MBOX and EML files, this OLM to Mac mail converter works without fail. Use OLM to MBOX freeware version to check and analyze the step-by-step working procedure of the tool. With FREE ILLUSTRATION, you are allowed to convert 25 OLM files to MBOX with attachments. After receiving desired results, get the license key of the application and move unlimited OLM Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 files to MBOX.

Mbox To Olm Converter For Mac

If you are switching from Mac Mail to Mac Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2011, you are going to need a professional Mbox to Olm Converter for Mac. The one that can easily and effectively manage to convert big sized Mbox files to Olm files, without losing any data or properties.

Mbox, OLM and PSTMac Mail store emails in Mbox format, Mac Outlook 2019, 2016 and 2011 imports both OLM file as well as PST file format and store all data in olk format inside the database.

However, here’s the interesting point – the recent Outlook for mac 2019 / 2016 version has introduced a new support for PST files as well. It’s the same PST file that Windows Outlook supports. Therefore, you can now import any PST files into Mac Outlook 2019/2016/15/2011.

Mail Extractor Pro – This is where “Mail Extractor Pro” comes in. It is a professional file converter for Mbox files, but instead of converting them to OLM, it converts them to Pst which you can import to Mac Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 15 / 2011.

So basically, you can use this converter for both purposes – for moving to Mac Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2011 and/or for moving to Windows Outlook.

It’s a tool with a very simple premise. Load your Mbox files and it will convert them to Pst. The user-friendly GUI lets you do this with simplicity and no mental load. Everything feels intuitive and natural, even to beginners.


Complete Conversion with Sharp Accuracy

Any migration of data has the lingering anxiety for data corruption or incomplete migration. Conversion of Mbox files also has the similar issue; but not with “Mail Extractor Pro”.

The tool employs a steady and powerful algorithm for conversions. It is capable of reaching to the last corner of Mbox files and extract every single unit of data and convert it into Pst files. Nothing is missed, nothing is modified, and nothing is corrupted. You’ll get every single piece of information converted for Pst files without changes (unwanted modification).

For example, the items below may be likely to be lost or modified by any other tools, but this one just gets them all converted to Pst with efficacy:-

Converts Embedded Images and graphical objects

Converts all kinds of information from emails (to, cc, bcc, from, subject, time and date, etc.)

Support for Non-English text

Characters from Non-English text is encoded differently than English language. That’s why it can hard to detect and convert those non-English characters from Mbox to Pst. “Mail Extractor Pro” has full support for these characters. It creates Pst files with Unicode, that means, every kind of text is detected and properly fitted into Pst files.


Support to maintain the folder structure

If your emails are arranged in multiple folders and sub-folders, it would be bad if you lose that folder structure during conversion. That’s why “Mail Extractor Pro” brings the advanced system for keeping your folder hierarchy intact.

Olm to mbox for mac catalina

Read and Unread Emails

The information of read or unread status associated with emails is stored in Mbox files somewhere, but can be hard to protect that status during conversion. With any other ordinary tool out there, you’d notice that the unread emails can sometimes be changed to read emails. Obviously, this can be frustrating. That’s why “Mail Extractor Pro” features an advanced logic in its data extraction programming to keep read/unread status intact during Mbox to Pst conversion.

Auto-Load “Mail” Folder

Stored in your User Library Folder is a folder named “Mail”. This folder is where Apple Mail stores all kinds of data. “Mail Extractor Pro” is capable of directly loading this folder database, instead of manually loading Mbox files.

Simply choose “Auto-load” instead of “open”. This option is more quick and accurate. Choose the other option for loading manually if you have Mbox files or the “Mail” folder is copied from another computer or from some other backup location.

Folder Preview

Another nice little addition to its functionality is the folder preview. You can see all the folders inside your selected database (Mbox file or “Mail” folder). Moreover, you can also select or de-select the folders to include/exclude them from conversion.

Olm To Mbox For Mac

Olm To Mbox Mac

MBOX to OLM Converter for Mac – Free Trial!

Olm To Mbox For Mac Pro

See how “Mail Extractor Pro” works. Simply download its free trial version instantly from here. Which works only up to 10 item conversions from each folder.