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Posted : admin On 1/19/2022
Viber, the popular IM and VoIP app for mobile devices, also has its own desktop client for Windows and Mac, which massively increases the flexibility of this widely used, free communication tool.
This is a new software that’s compatible with the various available mobile versions of Viber and offers you a complete and fully functional alternative to let you communicate with your contacts, sending and receiving calls and messages no matter which device you’re on.
The only fixed requirement is that you already have the Viber app preinstalled on your mobile device, whether it be Android or iOS, so you can sync your account details and view all the data assigned to your phone number, including contacts and chat history. Once you install the app on your computer, the only thing left to be done is log in with your registered ID.
The desktop version includes all the features of the original app, such as the option to make voice or video calls, or send stickers or other files in your chats. And all of these features are multiplatform, meaning they auto-sync between devices so you can carry on with chats on your smartphone that you’ve started on your Mac, and vice versa.
Viber is a highly useful app that lets users save lots of money on calls.
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Viber for Windows and Mac OS has been released and is now available for download. It’s been available for almost all of the mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and others. The app lets you send messages and make audio / video calls over the internet. Today the team behind the popular app has released Viber for Mac and Viber for Windows. The mobile app has also been updated with support for desktop apps.

You can also download the updated Viber 3.0 for iPhone as well as Viber 3.0 Android app. The updated apps let you:

• Support for all new Viber Desktop – on Windows and MacOS!!
• Transfer live calls between Viber on your iPhone and Viber on Desktop
• You can now send video messages to your friends
• All new voice engine improves sound quality on both low quality and high quality networks
• Online status indicator tells you when your friends are connected to Viber. Note: users can receive messages even when not connected!
• In app banner indicates that you received new messages
• Automatically download new photos for faster viewing
• You can now add a caption to the photos and videos you send
• Easily browse through photos received from specific users or groups
• Show only groups in messages screen, so you can quickly find a specific group
• Larger photos and larger photo thumbnails
• Better looking contact info screen
• New package of fun stickers
• Accessibility is now supported


Viber Desktop For Mac Os High Sierra

Viber Desktop For Mac Os 10.13

Download Viber 3.0 Desktop App


Viber for Windows:ViberSetup.exe

Viber for Mac:Viber.dmg