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Posted : admin On 1/13/2022

ITech Video Cutter is a free video cutter and joiner is great for seamless cutting, splitting or joining of video clips. As a bonus, it will even let you cut audio files too. This freeware supports a range of formats including DAT, MOB, WMA, MP3, MOB, MPEG, AVI and so many more. To use, get the software and open the video to be cut. Joyoshare Video Cutter for Mac is an easy-to-use video cutter and editor, which can not only split and convert videos and audios, but also convert videos to audio formats at 60X faster with lossless quality for numerous devices.

  • Trim/cut the video to the perfect length instantly with our free video trimmer. Multiple video formats supported, such as MP4, MOV, M4V, and WEBM. Try it right now!
  • In fact, it’s quite easy to trim a video on Mac. You can rely on the default media player, QuickTime to help you cut videos on Mac with ease. What’s more, there are many free online video trimmers and professional video editors offered on the internet. This post will show you 4 simple ways to trim a video on Mac.
  • TunesKit Free Video Cutter for Mac is a super convenient video editing tool with small size and intuitive interface, offering a best way to cut and join most formats of video segments to create a new movie by which you can save a lot of time.

Sometimes you might need to trim certain sections of a video to remove unwanted part with a video trimmer for PC and the internet is full of video cutting software, so choosing the best one can be a tricky task for the users. In this post, you can learn 11 different video cutter software from different aspects, so that you can pick up the best one to trim, cut or crop video as you like.

The best part?

You'll learn how to evaluate the performance of a video cutter and editor without testing it, get a full list of 11 advanced video cutter software, and even a detailed tutorial about how to trim, crop or cut video on Windows or Mac computer.

In short: If you want to find a powerful video cutting software, you'll love this top list.

Let's get started.

  • Part 2. Filmora Video Editor - Best Video Cutter for Windows/Mac(Can't Miss)

What Features You Should Consider When Choosing A Video Cutter?

Generally speaking, you can evaluate the quality or performance of a video cutting software from different aspects, or taking a free trial before using it in your target video. Here, I have summarized 3 common points that I think you need to take into consideration before making a decision.

In facts, these points are tested and confirmed by lots of users, and they will help you save your time on testing video clip cutter one by one. Now, let's check it as follows:

- Supported video formats

As a good video cutter software, it will support a large amount of importing and exporting video formats. You can check the supported format sheet and confirm whether the most frequently used video formats are included, such as MP4, FLV, MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, 3GP, etc.

- Editing features

You can find free video cutter, video cutter online or desktop program on the Internet. They offer different editing features, so you need to check these editing features and see whether it contains all editing functions you need.

Video Trimmer For Mac

[Attention] Many online video cutter software may only allow you to cut video clip and not offer other features like merge, adjust video, audio, etc.

- Speed

A good video cutter program will also a fast video cutter. It will allow you to load a video into the program, cut it and export it at seconds. So if you find a video loading slow, you can directly turn to next one.

Using the above 3 checking points, I have found a good video cutter and editor for PC - Filmora Video Editor. This program has a Windows and Mac version, which provide users with the super fast way to edit a video like a pro.

If you're interested in this program, let read the following contents in details.

Filmora Video Editor - Best Video Cutter for Mac & Windows

Filmora Video Editor is the best choice to perform video related editing needs of all kinds of users. This video cutter software supports most of popular media format for videos, audios and images. It provides various video and audio editing tools for users to easily trim, crop and cut these files. The overall manipulation of the video and audio has never been as easy as it is with this program.

  • It provides all video editing tools such as trim, crop, rotate, hue, brightness and the list goes on.
  • Effect addition can also be done with this program. Some are filters, overlays and motion graphics.
  • Video sharing on common social media platforms such as YouTube, Viemo, etc. has never been as easy as it is with this awesome tool.
  • The drag and drop feature is really easy to use. It also lets the newbies to start with the program without any technical knowledge.
  • Has voiceover recording feature for users to record voiceover and editing the audio track.

Tutorial: How to Cut A Video using Filmora Video Editor?

Cutting Videos with Filmora Video Editor is as simple as a pie. Here is a clear guide on how to do cut videos within a few steps.

Step 1. Add Video File

Launch Filmora video editor software in your PC to explore its main window. Enter 'Full Features Mode' and click 'Import' or 'Import Media Files Here' to load the video files you wish to cut.

If you target video is on your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, download directly from this software and set yourself for editing. Another additional and simple option to import your video to this software is just to drag and drop in the software.

Step 2. Cut a Video

Now, when your video is on the User's Album, move it to a video track in the timeline by a straightforward drag and drop technique.

Click your video in the timeline and play on the preview panel to point out a section of your video you intend to cut. From there, you can highlight the section to cut the video.

Right-click and select 'Split' edit option to avoid cutting out all video. When you have marked the video segment to be cut, tap and right click to get hold of the cut option. You can opt to 'Delete' the portion of the video that you have cut.

Step 3. Export Edited Video

When you have attained your editing quest, tap 'Export' tab on the main menu bar. The export window shall open where you are inclined to select your preferred output video format, key in a name for the video, choose suitable save location and if need be adjusted resolution. Finally hit on 'Export' button. Another key possibility is directly to upload your video to YouTube, send to your device among more other options.

Top 10 Free Video Cutter for PC/Mac

#1. VSDC Video Editor

This program has all the tools which video editors are looking for. For software to cut video this program is the best choice as it has everything which can be used to get the work done. The make of the program is such that it makes the overall usage simple and hassle free. The format support is wide and therefore it can be used to convert, cut, join and trim videos of any genre and kind. Though not as famous as it should be still this program has all what is takes to be the best.

#2. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor supports a large amount of media format and hence it can be used to get the work done with ease. This movie cutter software allows the users to overcome the editing problems. The users can easily manipulate the video and the related audio with ease and hence it is regarded as one of the best programs around.

#3. FAVSOFT Free Video Joiner

The free video cutting software has advanced graphics and video editing tools which can be used to easily cut and join video and audio. The best part of this program is its speed which is awesome. The program also does not consume system resources which leaves room for other operations as well. This video cutting tool is worth giving a shot.

#4. Weeny Free Video Cutter

This video trimming software allows the users to overcome the general issues which are faced during the video editing phase. It can also manipulate the audio and hence it is highly regarded for such work. As suggested this video trimmer software can also cut the parts of the video as per user’s demand. With wide range of format support this program is sure to be a great addition in the video editing tools arsenal.

#5. Movica

This program has all the functionalities which users cannot even imagine in a free program. The use of the program is simple and therefore it makes the overall usage very easy. This free video cutting software has a lot to offer to the users that are looking for similar programs. The make of the program is awesome and it leads to results which are matchless.

#6. Boilsoft Video Cutter

The program makes the process of video editing too easy to perform. It is all because of the controls as well as the interface that has been made easy. The program also manipulates the audio and the users can also join the audio as the need arises. The program has an interface which is awesome and hence it is the one which is highly regarded by all. The different movie manipulation modes also widen the choice for the users. The direct stream can also be joined and cut as the program can easily record the stream once launched.

#7. MP4 Splitter

The MP4 format is the only one which is supported by this program. It might be of no use for some but for others it is highly usable. The music files and videos are usually in mp4 format. This is where the program comes into play. It is highly regarded by the users who want to make large video files and hence this one is considered as a boon. The easy operation and quality controls make it the first choice even of the first time users. The process of cutting is also embedded in full to support related functions.

#8. VideoPad Video Editor

This program joins and cuts the video as well as the audio which has been related to it. It makes the use of the phenomenon easy. For video cutter software download the related link mentioned above is highly recommended. It is because of the ease of use of the program and the very basic knowledge which is required to run the program.

#9. Avidemux

The best part of this program is the ease of operations which it offers to the users. The video trimming tool can easily be managed and can be used to cut and even trim videos as the need arises. The overall management of the video is done in awesome manner when it comes to this program. The Avidemux is a big name of the industry and hence trustable.

#10. Ultra Video Cutter

This video trimming software supports a wide range of formats and therefore it is highly recommended. The functions and use of the program is easy and it allows the users to overcome the video cutting odds with great precision. The make of the program is simple and therefore using it is not hard at all.

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