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Posted : admin On 1/20/2022

Xtick For Mac Os



One way to do this is by clicking on the axis you want and then doing get (gca,'XTick') where gca gives you the handle of the current axis (you can do help gca for more info). You can also select it by using figure (f) and subplot (with the right arguments) to go back to the figure and subplot you're interested in.

XTick for OS X is a professional charting and trading platform. You can make technical analysis of different markets: forex, futures, stocks and make the trades with Xtick Everest.

Xtick For Macbook

The key benefits of XTick are:

Xtick For Macbook Pro

Xtickformat matlab

Xtick For Macbook Air

  • XTick for Mac OS X has charts of different types: bars, bars without open prices, candlesticks, dot and linear charts. You can use any intraday timeframe, daily charts are available too. At the same time you can open as many charts as you need. Also you can use about 60 technical indicators and several pointer tools.
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Xtick Format

  • You can open as many charts as you need
  • Different types of charts: bars, bars without open prices, candlesticks, linear and dots charts, heikin-ashi
  • About 50 technical indicators are available. Any of parameters are adjustable.
  • It's possible to add indicators to another indicators, for example it's easy to get Moving Average of RSI and more
  • Any intraday timefrime inside the chart from 1 up to 1439 minutes. Also there are daily, weekly, monthly timeframes.
  • You can easy mark charts with XPaint feature. Also you can create custom signals and indicators with XPaint withou programming
  • As many Quotes windows and QuoteBoards as you need. There are presets for different markets.
  • Link charts and quotes windows.
  • Different type of alerts: price alerts, indicators alerts and XPaint alerts.
  • Any Charts, Quotes windows, QuoteBoards and Time & Sales windows can be placed to different monitors (if you have two or more monitors)
  • Any Charts, Quotes windows, QuoteBoards and Time & Sales windows can be placed to one or more workspaces. You can switch between workspaces in one click
  • Optimized for multicore processors and fast high-qualiry graphics. Supports for Retina displays.
  • It's possible to create, modify or remove orders from Charts. Also you can make trades via DOM Trader (for stocks and futures markets), from Time & Sales windows and from Quotes and QuoteBoards windows
  • Trading are available via different brokers: in Forex market you can trade with your FXCM account